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A complete buying guide of ‘foam can coolers’

A foam can cooler, also known as a koozie, is a foam or rubber sleeve that slides over the bottom of 12-ounce cans or bottles. They provide a thick protective cover for cans and bottles, offer excellent insulation, are compact, and can be folded up into a pocket or bag. The main purpose of can coolers is to keep beverages cold. By using a QualityPerfection foam can cooler, you can reduce the rate at which drinks warm up in the sun by up to 50%. In addition, it will prevent condensation from forming on your hands and tables.

What is the material used to make Can Coolers?

The most common materials for can coolers are neoprene and foam. There are also other materials that can be used to make them, such as denim, burlap, yarn, polyurethane, PVC, rubber, stainless steel, and polyester.

Why use foam can coolers?

Foam can coolers have strong insulating capabilities, have thicker material than neoprene can coolers, and are the most popular option available in the market. Their popularity is due to the fact that they are relatively cheaper than neoprene coolers, and they are collapsible, making them easy to carry. Also, there are a variety of color options available. 

Furthermore, they make excellent giveaways at concerts and other events since they are inexpensive to purchase in bulk and keep your drink cold enough.

What to consider while buying Foam Can Coolers?

Your budget – 

There is a wide variety of price options available for can coolers, making it easy to find one that fits within your budget, including affordable customized can coolers. You can buy foam can coolers for a low price based on the quantity ordered. 

Consider the special features the can coolers have, each with its own advantages –

  • Magnetic Foam Can Coolers- Magnetic can coolers can be used in cars, refrigerators, and tailgating, as well as in offices!
  • Zipper Can Coolers – A zipper can cooler keeps a drink colder and longer because it fits tight on a bottle, providing great insulation.
  • Carabiner Can Coolers – Carabiner can coolers are designed to be portable, allowing them to be folded up and hung on bags and backpacks.

 The type of foam can cooler you need-

Various types of can coolers are available in the market. You can choose from classic can coolers, the bottle can coolers, the wrap can coolers, and wine bottle coolers, depending on your needs and requirements. 

Here’s the bottom line

On the hottest of days, Koozies will keep your beverages extra cold by fighting the forces of the atmosphere. Unless you have them, you will have water rings and damaged table tops. Make sure to slide a foam can cooler over your drink the next time you’re heading out in the summer heat. It will surely make you happy!