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BBQs 2 u Presents the Best of Kamado Joe Products

BBQs 2 u is a family business having three generations working together. They are involved in this barbeque business since 2002 having all the leading brand products like kamado Joe, Napolean barbeque and Ooni pizza ovens. You can get this high-quality product at a competitive price with the best personal customer service possible.

About their Kamado Joe – Classic Joe BBQs

For Kamado Joe BBQs, this one has an 18 inches cooking space which is perfect for grilling for every occasion and skill that you looking for.

Here are their experience pack for the best deal:

  • Elements Pack: This consists of Kamado Joe big block charcoal, cover and fire starters.
  • Discovery Pack: This consists of all that is present in the elements pack, plus a Cast iron griddle, Grater and a Pizza stone
  • Explorer Pack: This consists of all that is present in the discovery pack plus the Soapstone, Laser cut stainless steel fish and veg grate
  • Adventurer Pack: This consists of JoeTisserie, Basket set, Cast iron griddle and Grate
  • Quest Pack: This consists of everything present in the elements pack plus the Kamado Joe Dojoe and pizza peel.
  • Voyager Pack: This includes everything from the explorer, adventurer and quest pack (- duplicates).

About Kamado Joe – Classic II – Explorer Pack

This is one of the most popular grills from the brand Kamado Joe. Its reference id is KJ – EXPLPACK – C2

This pack includes:

  • Kamado Joe Classic II
  • A Kamado Big Block XL-sized Lumpwood Charcoal weighing around 9 kg
  • A Kamado Grill Cover
  • A Soapstone – Classic Joe
  • A Laser cut stainless steel cooking grate
  • A half-moon cast iron cooking grate
  • A half-moon cast iron reversible griddle
  • A pizza stone which is of Kamado Joe classic models
  • A Kamado Joe Firestarter

This is all for £ 1909.

Kamado Joe Classic II Explorer pack consists of a thick-walled cooker that is having an ancient Asian-style grill. You can cook or grill everything from fish to meat and even vegetables of your choice. To get the perfect smoky flavour, this grill is made of a ceramic body, which provides perfect airflow and a dome to move it out. The chunk charcoal can come to life for that smoke and heat required for grilling your food. Kamado Joe brings in that traditional and modern grilling experience and is made of unparalleled craftsmanship plus innovative accessories and a good amount of space for cooking.

The Classic II includes

  • A ceramic body with powder-coated galvanised steel cart
  • Lockable wheels
  • Built-in thermometer
  • HDPE side shelves and handles
  • Air lift hinge
  • AMP firebox
  • Kontrol tower top vent
  • 2 half-moon Heat deflectors
  • Fibreglass gasket with wire mesh
  • Grill gripper
  • Ash tool
  • Divide and conquer cooking system

When it comes to Kamado Joe products especially grills, their walls are much thicker and are heat resistant. Once you have pre-heated it, you can very peacefully grill the food at both higher and lower temperatures, for as long as you got charcoal and oxygen in it.

Kamado Joe Explorer pack is said to be one great value grill that consists of high-standard craftsmanship and innovation. It is worth the buy.