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Be Aware of The Benefits of Pallet-less Handling Using Slip Sheet and Push Pull Attachment

The slip sheets are a good substitute for heavy, bulky, and high-priced types of wooden or plastic pallets and allow businesses to avoid using pallets altogether.

Slip sheets, which are used in commercial transportation, are thin, pallet-sized sheets that are made of plastic, laminated kraft paperboard, or corrugated fibreboard.

They are usually used to push or draw a load onto and off of the base plate of the push-pull attachment, just like a pallet, and are put underneath the weight.

Nowadays, the popularity of slip sheet forklift offered by Top Industries is increasing because the awareness about them is slowly increasing among various companies about the benefits of using them.

As businesses begin to recognise the potential for ROI, slip sheets are growing in popularity. They have a great deal more benefits than pallets. The following are the advantages of using slip sheets.

  1. Reduction in weight and volume

The thickness of a slip sheet is 0.8 mm. The thickness of any wooden pallet is 120 mm. As a result, you can pack the truck or container with more stuff.

Slip sheets make transit and storage much simpler as they are much lighter than the pallets. It is quite economical as the load is lighter when being carried and transferred.

Additionally, because they are thinner when used for storage, you gain extra storage space. Due to how small they are, you can also conserve vertical space.

Transporting is quite simple as pallets can be separated using slip sheets rather than moving heavier pallets.

  1. Can be easily disposed off

Slip sheets are easily disposable and as a result, workers need not spend time counting them, unlike pallets. This saves time and unnecessary disputes with customers.

  1. Prevents injuries

They will offer a much safer work environment as they can avoid any injuries in the workplace. They have no nails protruding like wooden pallets.

Because fewer wooden pallets are being stored in the warehouse or outside, fire threats can be eliminated using slip sheets.

  1. Environment friendly

Since they are manufactured out of paperboard, which is known as a renewable source. They can be easily recycled and will never fill up the landfill.

Several numbers of companies are producing them out of recycled materials.

  1. Much cheaper alternative to pallets

The affordability of slip sheets is arguably their most notable benefit. Slip sheets don’t need to be tracked or fixed, unlike when utilising pallets, and are inexpensive enough to be easily thrown away after each use.

  1. No insect/rodent problem

They can eliminate the possibility of any insect or rodent infestation. On the other hand, wooden pallets can always be a safe place for such infestation, while slip sheet does not offer any shelter for such elements.

  1. Keep warehouse cleaner

A slip sheet gives you the advantage of a cleaner warehouse. Additionally, no rat infestation or insect infestation is conceivable because of how thin the slip sheet is. Also, since the sheet is simple to discard, you avoid any long-term contamination build-up.

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