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How to Ship Your Tractor? Follow This Checklist

Are you planning to ship your tractor from one place to another? If so, you must be looking for various options to ship your tractor. If you need to send your tractor for a long distance then it will not be possible to drive your tractor.

For shipping a tractor more than 50 miles, you will have to hire a certain heavy equipment shipping company, and Ship a Car, Inc. would be your best choice.

However, while considering shipping your tractor through SAC or any other transporter, you must know how much it will cost you. Also, how they will ship your tractor, and also how you must prepare your tractor so that it can be shipped on a truck? Here in this post, we will discuss all that for your benefit.

Transporting tractors and all other farming equipment within a truck or van is the best and safest choice. The vehicle must meet all the size and weight requirement of the container to use the enclosed farmed equipment transport service.

During transport, the enclosed tractor shipping service can protect the vehicle from harm. Speak with specialists of SAC to determine the best and the safest solution for your requirement.

How to prepare your tractor to ship?

While shipping your tractors domestically or any outside country, you must follow the checklist as mentioned below.

  • Cleaning

First, remove all your personal items from your tractor, wash the vehicle and cover it if there are any vulnerable pieces present.

  • Condition check

Check from the manual of the manufacturer, disconnect its batteries and drain the tanks. Also, detach and secure all the loose parts of the tractor.

  • Documentation

Now prepare all the necessary documents needed, especially if it is going for sale.

  • Proof

Finally, you must take necessary photographs of your tractor before you transport it so that this photograph will remain with you as evidence.

How can you book your tractor?

The first step in organizing an international or domestic tractor shipment is to transmit all shipping details to the transporter. Make sure that you have included necessary information as follows:

  • Number of tractors
  • Tractor manufacturer
  • Model of tractor
  • Year of production
  • A rough estimated cost
  • Pick-up date
  • The preferred route

Within a few hours, the logistics specialists will generate a customized tractor shipment price based on the details you supply. They will only work with approved tractor hauling firms, so you can be rest assured that your agricultural equipment is in good hands.

How much will it cost?

There is no predetermined pricing for a tractor shipment as there are so many variables that might influence the final cost. The following are a few major factors that will influence the cost of your shipping tractor:

  • The size and weight of your tractor
  • Whether it will cover the full tractor or lesser tractor space
  • The distance to be traveled
  • Population density on the location where the tractor will be transported

You may contact SAC who can organize everything and make sure that your tractor will reach its destination safely.