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Rings You Would Choose as the Best ones

The ring is part of the engagement, but more and more couples are looking for an engagement ring together. If you are going to choose the engagement ring with your partner, think about in advance what style and metal you want your engagement ring in. Go on the engagement ring inspiration tour. This prevents you from being blinded by all the choices at the jeweler, because you already know exactly what you want. So shop now and explore your chances for the right quality jewelry items.

What Should You Pay Attention To?

Your engagement ring is not just a piece of jewelry. If you can choose it together with your sweetheart, make sure you choose a ring that suits you perfectly. You wear your engagement ring day in, day out. Therefore, also check whether the ring is practical, it would be a shame if you can only wear the ring at a party. Match your engagement ring with your other jewelry so you can always combine it together. Are you planning to wear your engagement ring with your wedding ring? Then choose an engagement ring with a high stone so that when you wear your wedding ring there is no spelling between the two rings. That way they fit together nicely.

Design Engagement Ring

You can also choose to design the engagement ring yourself. Create the unique engagement ring of your dreams. It is the chance to make the ring as personal as possible. If you have an old family jewelry that you never wear, you can have it incorporated into the engagement ring. That way you always carry it with you. You can also choose to process your birthstone or that of your partner in your engagement ring. Each birthstone represents a different special trait.

Most women dream of a romantic or perhaps an extraordinary marriage proposal from their loved one the more surprising the better. Especially when buying an engagement ring, you should do everything right to elicit a yes from your future wife. There are a few things to consider: the right size, the right color, and the right stone. But don’t panic here are the five best tips on how to give the most beautiful moment in your relationship so far when you ask all questions.

What Type Of Engagement Ring Do You Want It To Be?

You know your girlfriend well and have already seen one or two pieces of jewelry on her. You have probably already given her jewelry and noticed from her reaction whether she liked it or not. So you know relatively well what taste it has. Then you can either add certain types of rings to the list or exclude them completely. Is your sweetheart the romantic type or is it more sporty and boyish? Does she love glitter and glamor or does she prefer simple elegance? Is she open to everything modern or does she find old, antique things valuable and beautiful? If you are unsure, why not go window shopping with her? If you happen to be at a jewelry store come by, you can take a closer look at the display and inconspicuously ask for your opinion on various pieces of jewelry. You can also get good advice from your best friend or sister.

Do You Know Your Ring Size?

Finding the free ring size for the engagement ring is of course easiest if you have given her a ring recently. Otherwise, just look under her jewelry for an item that she wears often. But be careful: the engagement ring is usually on the left ring finger carried. The fingers of the right and left hand can be of different thicknesses or thin. The comparison ring should therefore be one that she also wears on her left ring finger. You can now theoretically measure the inner diameter of the ring yourself also with the help of a special ring size that you can get online or in department stores. But it would be safer to consult a specialist such as a jeweler. However, rings can still be changed in size afterwards if they were wrong.

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What Should The Engagement Ring Be Made Of?

Gold, silver, platinum or an alloy? Again, it’s important to taste to meet your future bride. Does she have a preference for a certain precious metal? Take a look in your jewelry box: Are you looking at gold or silver tones? And think about what you most like to see about her. With which jewelry does she shine the most? In general, it can be said that warm yellow gold goes well with a blonde with a light complexion and white gold or platinum goes well with a brunette with a darker skin tone. And it is these three precious metals that are also used for classic engagement rings. Think about the width of the ring right away. Does your loved one have narrow, graceful fingers or rather strong ones? In the first case a wider ring could look too bulky, in the second a narrower one too inconspicuous.

Which Stone Should You Choose?

The classic choice for the perfect gemstone on the engagement ring is a solitaire, i.e. a single stone. The diamond is of course ideal, and goes very well with a ring made of gold, white gold or platinum. You can’t go wrong with this combination. If you can judge the tastes of your loved ones well, look around for a colored stone. Does she have a favorite color? What color are their eyes? For silver, white gold and platinum, for example, a blue lapis lazuli, a delicate rose quartz or green malachite are suitable. The red ruby, the golden tiger’s eye or the purple amethyst go well with yellow gold. However, the gemstone should not be too big for practical reasons alone.

Is It Worth Engraving?

To anticipate the answer: yes, definitely. Whether you have the date of the engagement or your initials and those of your bride engraved or just the sign of infinity with an engraving the wedding ring becomes even more personal. However, it is advisable not to initiate the engraving immediately. You should wait until you have her answer to your marriage proposal and she has put the ring on her finger. An engraved ring cannot be exchanged and if it has to be resized, engraved characters on the ring band could be damaged.