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Things to Know Before You Import a Car

The rich alternatives that international markets offer when it comes to cars is too alluring to be ignored. Additional to the exposure to a wide range, importing cars can give you access to several brands and astonishing price deals.  

It is no surprise that huge number of people today are inclined to import cars than buying locally. If you are here, you must be considering to import a car too.

Below are mentioned a few things you should know before you import a car. 

1] Research and ensure the price is right

 It is always a good idea to research rigorously through the internet and check online prices of the car you desire to have. Do not assume. Compare the prices and only then make your choice. You do not want to end up spending extravagant amounts and then stumble upon a cheaper offer. 

2] Take all the costs into consideration 

You might be elated when you find your dream car exactly priced at your budget. However, do not get fooled, there are several other costs involved when importing a car. Consider the factor of conversion wherein the car cost will fluctuate on the daily due to currency differences. You also might want to consider the repair costs associated with parts of the car in case your car breaks down.  

3] Follow the rules 

It is essential to abide by the rules lest you break the laws and suffer. Ensure the car you are importing comply with the laws and all the proceedings you undertake are within the lawful framework. 

3] Ensure you get your ITN and do the Paper work

There is a lot of paperwork involved when importing car. It is recommended that you outsource the task of handling paperwork to experts so that errors can be avoided and time is saved. Additional to this, you need to get an ITN number for smooth import. The Internal Transaction Number or ITN is mandatory when importing from the US and is a proof that your Electronic Export Information has been accepted in the Automated Export System. 

With Clearit.ca ITN number can be received prior to the export at affordable costs. 

Check reviews, find reliable sellers and mostly ensure, you do not get scammed. Despite reading extensively about the process, it is likely you will end up making mistakes that can cost you a fortune.  So, hire a customs broker to streamline the process and ensure your dream car reaches your doorstep in stellar condition.