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What is the importance of a mosque Carpet?

Are you looking at the prayers with devotion for your mosque? Mosque carpet is a holy carpet that is installed in the Masjid or mosque on the floors. For the mosques or masjid, the carpets are specially designed, and these carpets are different from the wide varieties of beautiful carpets. Mosque is the only place where you want the best to serve with comfort. There are many companies who are offering these mosque carpets in a wide range with versatility.  These carpets have exceptional flooring designs with finest quality, beautiful colors, and excellent patterns of mosque carpets.

Different types Of Mosque Carpets

Mosque carpets have many types and shapes. These differences result from many factors. Some of the mosque carpet used are as follow,

Axminster Carpet:

This is the most common type used in mosques. These carpets are made from wood piles that are intermingled with linen and silk mixture. This type of mosque carpets are available in different designs and shades.

Burlap Carpet:

This mosque carpets are also another type and are produced using high-quality material.  Different color shades are available in this type of mosque carpets. In the mosque carpets these are the latest innovations that can easily be joined together. They are made from high-quality rayon and this carpet is resistant to all kinds of stains. Among all the Turkish carpets they are one among the most demanding carpets.

Ceramic Carpet:

In luxurious look and feel, this ceramic carpet is a type of textile which is highly admired. These carpets are manufactured out of polypropylene rayon. It has the best feature that is, high resistance to moisture, heat, dust, and sunlight.

Knows the features of Mosque carpet

Choosing the right type of carpets is a delicate process that needs some time. To make this process easier, here are some qualities.

  • Thickness

The thickness of the carpets is a basic factor, with large thickness, it is comfortable for worshipers.

  • Thread type

The thread used in the knitting of the carpets has a great role in determining its quality and this factor depends on the desire of the buyer. If you want soft carpets, polyester will be your choice, but if you want comfort, we have wool too.

  • Color

The colors of the mosque carpet are close to each other, the most famous of which are dark blue, dark red and dark green, added to them gold and black, and some colors that complement the attractive appearance, but it should be noted that dark blue is the most durable.

Because of the best feature of these carpets, they are used in almost all the prayer rooms of the mosques. Both the burlap and ceramic carpet are the two most popular carpets used in mosques. Carpet tiles style is also available in these carpets which have heavy and fine lines printed on them.

You should take proper measurements before you install the carpets. This is the main points which are important to remember before you buy these mosque carpet