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Why are UN thread gauges used in the industry?

A UN thread gauge is a tool used to measure the pitch and diameter of a thread. There are two types of UN thread gauges: those that measure the inner diameter (ID) of a thread, and those that measure the outer diameter (OD) of a thread. In order to accurately measure a thread, the proper size of the UN thread gauge must be selected based on the size of the thread being measured. The most common sizes of UN thread gauges are number 0 through number 8. 

Once the proper size UN thread gauge has been selected, it is simply a matter of matching up the threads on the gauge with those on the object being measured. If the threads match, then the pitch and diameter of the object’s thread can be determined. UN thread gauges are an essential tool for anyone who works with threads, whether it be for manufacturing purposes or repair work. UN thread gauges are made from hardened steel and are precision-machined to tight tolerances.

Why should you purchase UN thread gauges from Gaugestools?

Gaugestools is one of the best and prominent companies selling thread gauges with multiple categories having numerous products. The product categories include metric thread gauges, ACME thread gauge, trapezoidal thread gauges, UN thread gauges, and NPSM thread gauges among others.

The standard tolerance for plug gage is 2B and for ring gage is 2A which are most commonly used for general applications such as production of bolts, screws, nuts, and fasteners. The tolerance level of 3A and 3B is used if the closer tolerance level is required. The classes of 1A and 1B come into use when you do not have much time and quick, easy assembly is necessary. 

UN thread gauges offered by Gaugestools are easy to use, inexpensive, provide high accuracy inspection tool and are available in multiple sizes. These gauges have multiple purposes and uses such as inspection of major diameter, pitch diameter of work piece’s thread and they also inspect the thread angle, pitch etc. except for the inspection of minor diameter as you will need plain thread gages for that. 

There are various reasons why you should purchase UN thread gauges from Gaugestools. We are enlisting some of these reasons here. The company uses top quality GCR15 which has high hardness on the measuring surface and is hard enough for long durability. The gauges from Gaugestools have simple operations, stable functions, and high levels of accuracy as well as precision. The company uses special process on the surface of UN thread gauges and these gauges resistant to corrosion. The company makes use of inspection equipment that are high precision for complete inspection and to ensure the most accurate measurements. 

When it comes to packaging, the company uses carton – plastic box packaging for saving energy. One of the advantages of purchasing thread gauges from Gaugestools is the wide range of stock available at the store and a one stop shopping experience for the clients.