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Windows and Doors: A Brief Guide on the Types and designs

Any house could be regarded as incomplete if it doesn’t have both windows and doors. Also, a house could be regarded as incomplete if the doors and windows are not making it a more comfortable place. 

For example, a house with very thick doors and windows installed in an improper place can be a very annoying place to live in. People usually underestimate the importance of care when it comes to windows and doors. 

Windows and doors are more than just some holes in your house for entrance or ventilation. They make your house more comfortable and beautiful as well. Always go for strong, reliable, beautiful, and comfortable doors and windows, such as Inter-Québec windows and doors.

While installing windows or doors for your home, office, or any other place, you should be extremely careful about the following factors:

  • Material

The material from which your windows or doors are made directly affects many aspects of windows and doors, such as:

  • Weight 
  • Strength 
  • Insulation

So, you shouldn’t just choose any random material for your home doors and windows. If you want them to be safer, you should go for steel or iron doors. If aesthetics is your primary concern, your best choice would be wooden doors. 

  • Size

Windows and doors shouldn’t take too much space. Their size should be based directly on your needs and purposes. Garage doors, for instance, should have a width and length relevant to the size of your vehicle. The same goes for any other doors. Sometimes people install either too short or too long doors, which could both be extremely annoying.

  • Thickness

Thickness relates to two things mainly: the strength of your door and insulation. If you want a wooden door that is strong, it would probably have to be very thick. 

However, if you want the same strength in small thickness, your choice should be steel or iron. If you want your doors to be insulated, i.e., have some insulation material inside them, that would probably increase their thickness. 

  • Color and texture

Doors and windows also add beauty to your house. Of all doors and windows, wooden ones give the most classic and elegant look. However, it can totally depend on your subjective perception of beauty. Just make sure you select the right texture and color for your doors and windows and make sure they match the overall look of your house. 


Doors and windows could be regarded as basic necessities, just like homes and shelters themselves. To make your house a better place, make sure your doors and windows are strong, durable, and blend well with your house.